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  • VUE-3 Wattage

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    VUE-3 Lumens

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    VUE-3 Lumens HSS

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  • The Star Power Reflector is the best Value LED optical system and utilizes the same mathematical patterns exhibited by millions of stars every night to distribute light to the intended target. Our goal is to create the highest amount of visual acuity and clarity with the least amount of required energy. This is Star Power. This is NLS Lighting, LLC.



  • – Has an end of Life modular efficient chip upgrade solution, a perfect long-life solution for any Municipality, School, or Infrastructure Beautiful, sleek and stealth shape
    – Mounting options include Wall with or without 6-inch Bolt-On-Arm, a Pole, Mast Arm, Trunnion, Tennis Arm or an adjustable Knuckle
    – Twenty-degree tilt available
    – Light Distributions are Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Tennis (TT)
    – Has specific optical systems designed for Parking Lots, Roadways, Auto Dealerships, Tennis Courts, and Sports Field Lighting
    – Form, optics, and thermal management contribute to reducing energy costs while utilizing the least amount of poles and fixtures per project at a competitive price patented Star Power reflector system enables performance to exceed IES minimum foot candle levels and extend maintenance cycles
    – Philips Advance driver technology warranted 5 years
    – Conforms to the strictest Made in America standards. Designed, tooled, fabricated, and assembled in the USA
    – Ambient operating temperature of -40°C to +40°C
    – Up to 92% energy efficiency
    – Fully customizable optical distributions
    – High performance LEDs and Driver combinations for consistency and high reliability
    – UL listed
    – Wired and Wireless control solutions


Intelligent Light + Performance ®