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  • NV-1 BUG Ratings

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  • NV-1 Wattage

    Order Milliamps 16L 32L 48L 64L
    1.00 350 mA 18w - - -
    2.00 530 mA 28w - - -
    3.00 700 mA 36w 71w 104w 136w
    4.00 1050 mA 56w 106w 156w 205w
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    NV-1 Lumens

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    • Sleek, low profile housing
    • Spec grade performance
    • Engineered for optimum thermal management
    • Low depreciation rate
    • Reduces energy consumption and costs up to 65%
    • Exceeds IES foot candle levels utilizing the least number of poles and fixtures per project
    • Optical system designed for:
    – Parking Lots
    – Auto Dealerships
    – General Area Lighting


    • Die Cast Aluminum
    • External cooling fins, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) designed
    • Corrosion resistant external hardware
    • One-piece silicone gasket ensures IP-65 seal for electronics compartment
    • One-piece Optics Plate™ mounting silicone Micro Optics
    • Two-piece silicone Micro Optic system ensures IP-67 level seal around each PCB
    • Grade 2 Clear Anodized Optics Plate™ standard


Intelligent Light + Performance ®