• Height
    10’ – 30’


    Pole Shaft
    The pole shaft material is a weldable grade hot rolled commercial quality steel tubing with a minimum yield of 46,000 psi.  Conforms to ASTM A500 Grade B Standards.  Poles have ground lug welded inside hand-hole opposite side of the hand-hole.  Pole shaft is welded to base plate on top and bottom of base plate. 


    Base Plate
    The Base Plate is manufactured from structural hot rolled steel that meets or exceeds a minimum yield strength of 36,000 psi, conforms the ASTM–A36 standards. Base Plate vary in size from 1” thick for poles 21 feet and over, 3/4” thick for poles 10 to 20 feet.


    Anchor Bolts   
    All anchor bolts are hot dipped galvanized steel and come with two galvanized nuts and washers per bolt. Minimum yield strength 50,000 psi. Anchor bolts are not included for Custom Bolt Circle.


    Base Cover
    All base covers are fabricated two-piece 6063 aluminum and powder coated to match the pole. Square base cover comes standard, Round base cover optional.


    A reinforced hand-hole is 12” on center from the base plate and is constructed of 3“x 5” rectangular steel tubing which is welded to pole shaft for added strength. The hand-hole covers are provided with internal bridge support and powder coated to match pole finish.


    Pole Cap
    All poles come with a removable polymer pole cap installed.  All pole caps are black finish.


    All poles are treated with shot blast media for a near white finish, power blasted with 100 psi prior to powder coat application. Electrostatically applied polyester powder coat with a 3 to 5 mil thickness for maximum adherence. 


    Marine Grade Finish
    All poles are washed through a 5-stage cleaning system with a deionized rinse, a 3 to 5 mils zinc rich durable polyester primer powder coat, followed by a 3 to 5 mils super durable polyester powder coat finish. 


    Galvanized Finish
    All poles are Hot Dipped Galvanized in a multi stage process. Galvanizing Specification, Zinc (Hot Dipped Galvanized) per ASTM A 123/A 123M – 02
    Zinc coatings on threaded materials shall conform to specification A 153 /A 153M. The coating shall be continuous and reasonably smooth and uniform in thickness and in weight.
    Galvanizing Adherence – The Zinc coating shall withstand handling consistent with the nature and thickness of the coating and normal use of the article without peeling or flaking.


    Galvanized Under Powder
    Galvanized Under Powder (GUP) adheres to above galvanized specification, and the second stage is a light sand blast on the outside of the pole, third stage is a 3-5 mils polyester powder coat finish for maximum adherence. 


    Vibration Dampener
    The Vibration Dampener is factory installed. The Vibration Dampener consists of a rugged galvanized chain coated with heavy duty polyester tubing that is factory secured at the bottom 2-3rds of the pole and field secured by contractor at the base during installation.

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