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SLS Architecture is a robust system easy as 1, 2 3

The system allows for fixture, pole assemblies from 2 to 12 fixtures per pole. Controlled by the SLS Connect Link – Sports Lighting Cabinets. Cross Arms pre-configured with Plug and Lock connectors for easy installation. Each fixture bolts onto a pre-aimed, pre-tilted cross arm specifically setup for each distinct location.  

SLS Universal Easy Mount Cross Arms 

Engineered to hold from 2 to 6 fixtures in line. All UEMCA’s are delivered Pre-wired with quick Disconnect Connectors for fast mounting using the SLS Duraclamp system. SLS Cross Arms are Pre-set for accurate Cross Arm + fixture rotation and tilt. 

SLS Duraclamp

Factory Rotated, Tilted and Wired Cross Arm Assemblies

• Fast accurate installation with pre-aimed, pre-wired Cross Arm assemblies 

• Cross Arms have pre-designated alignment to attach to top of pole 

• Cross Arms are pre-configured for precise matching of photometric design 

• Quick connectors are used throughout the system for fast installation 

• Easy to comprehend installation instructions provided with every SLS system

• No exposed fixture or Cross Arm wires to ensure installation safety


Galvanizing Specification, Zinc (Hot Dipped Galvanized) per ASTM A 123/A 123M – 02

 Minimum average coating thickness for 1/8” to 3/16” thick steel material is 75mm. Zinc coatings on threaded materials shall conform to specification A 153 /A 153M. The coating shall be continuous and reasonably smooth and uniform in thickness and the weight.

Galvanizing Adherence – The Zink coating shall withstand handling consistent with the nature and thickness of the coating and normal use of the article without peeling or flaking.

SLS Universal Easy Mount Cross Arm Junction Box

A UEM Cross Arm Junction Box comes as standard and provides a weatherproof and secure space for coupling the Cross Arm to the Cable Drop.


3” square steel tubing used throughout the construction of the Cross Arms.




UL Listed

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