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  • VSR-1 Bug Ratings

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    VSR-1 Lumens

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    VSR-1 Lumens HSS & AHS

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    – Value Series Round (VSR) is named for its affordable cost and numerous benefits as a long-term lighting solution.
    – Outperforms competitors in wide foot-candles, low energy consumption, and lasting durability, even at low wattage.
    – Light Distributions are Type 2, 3, 4, 5, and N3 (30 Degree Narrow Beam)
    – Dark Sky compliant—full cut-off design for Commercial applications with stringent property cut-off criteria.
    – Specifically designed for Site / Area applications including Parking lots and Parking Garages
    – Silicone Micro Optics which produce 96% clarity and are rated up to 150°C
    – High-performance LEDs and Driver combinations for consistency and high reliability
    – Dimming Driver technology warranted 5 years—best voltage variance resistance in our industry.
    – Conforms to the strictest Made in America standards. Designed, tooled, fabricated, and assembled in the USA


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