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  • The Star Power reflector is the best Value LED optical system and utilizes the same mathematical patterns exhibited by millions of stars every night to distribute light to the intended target. Our goal is to create the highest amount of visual acuity and clarity with the least amount of required energy. This is Star Power. This is NLS Lighting.



  • – Lira Light Columns can be conveniently programmed with other facade or fountain fixtures
    – Color-changing technology is coordinated and precisely timed to create a multi-level fusion of light that enhances project design
    – High-Quality, precision-milled, machined aluminum transition pieces
    – Extruded Aluminum shafts; Housing 600 Series
    – Unbreakable, durable acrylic lens at a maximum of 5 feet in length
    – Column is offered in two possible overall heights: LIR-6 can measure from 3 to 14 feet tall; LIR-8 can measure from 3 to 17 feet tall
    – Optional shielding with custom offerings for logos and much more
    – GFI or USB connections optional
    – Tamperproof hardware
    – Kelvin temperature offering of (warm) 3000, (neutral) 4000, (cool) 5000 or RGBW in Symmetric light distribution
    – Advance ULT or Harvard Engineering driver technology warranted 5 years
    – Conforms to the strictest Made in America standards designed, tooled, fabricated and assembled in the USA
    – Multi-level color blending effects are field changeable, perfect for special holidays and occasions (i.e. Red, White and Blue for the 4th of July and Green and White for St. Patrick’s Day)


  • All dimensions are in inches.






Intelligent Light + Performance ®