VUE – 4

Sports Lighting Fixture with Integral Drivers

A robust Sports Lighting Fixture designed for Parks and Recreational Facilities. Up to 850 watts, utilizing patented Star Power™ Optical System creating unmatched reliability. 

Specializing in Parks and Recreational Facilities

NLS Sports Lighting Solutions – an elite combination of performance, glare control and reliability. From young children to competitive athletes the NLS SLS is the perfect solution for competitors who strive to perform at their highest level.


The Vue features NLS patented Star Power™ Optical System designed to create high, broad, uniform horizontal foot candle levels and also provide substantial vertical foot candles, so the ball is never lost from player view.

Glare Control

The Star Power™ Optical System is endorsed by the Founder of the International Dark Sky Association and Illuminating Engineer Society Sports Lighting Committee Associate as one of the best optical systems in glare reduction for dark sky, neighbors, and the sports application itself. Meets IES parks and recreation requirements.

VUE – 4 standard with (FSS) front side shield. 




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