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“I wanted to write to you to let you know how thrilled we are with our new LED lighting. With our energy savings exceeding 60% and our lot from dim to daylight, we could not be more satisfied.”

— Raymond Hernandez, General Manager | CHAMPION DODGE, FIAT
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“You EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS! Your photometric layout along with ‘value engineered’ suggestions made it clear to us you weren’t just trying to sell us lights, but to give us the best possible outcome at a very affordable cost.”


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“This improves our customers’ experience. There will be no glare from LED light fixtures both near and far, which can be a hazardous distraction […] This not only benefits our guests but our neighbors as well.”

— Bradley Sperber, General Manager | MANHATTAN BEACH TOYOTA

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“At the time Cree was considered a “premier” LED manufacturer. I thought that their LED’s were great until I used NLS on our larger facility. I can only say that when I contacted NLS we did everything by phone. Their ability to lay-out the project, recommend the type of fixture and do a photometric comparison between my existing lights and their’s amazed me. […] A lot of what they recommended saved us money on not only less fixture’s but smaller ones. And, their photometrics were right on.”

—Mel Grata

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“They are absolutely amazing, they saved us $3,000 a month on our electric bill and also are extremely bright and gives the vehicles an extremely flattering shine (almost like auto show glimmer).”

— Bradley Sperber, General Manager | MANHATTAN BEACH TOYOTA
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“I appreciate your ability to solve complex issues with lighting and produce a variety of photo-metrics so we can compare LED fixtures before a test install. […] We have been testing LED fixtures on our roof top parking for two years and the VUE is a clear winner in putting the light where you want it while not having the intense glare of the typical LED fixture.”

— Larry Standlee, Vice President | INTERPARK, LLC
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Improve your dealership’s visibility by enhancing your front row. Your primary goal is to sell cars. Our primary goal is to accomplish this with the least amount of poles, fixtures and energy as possible, while maximizing your light levels. The team at NLS Lighting has designed and sold hundreds of car dealerships. We take many factors into account, including existing light levels as well as current and potential light levels of adjacent dealerships. Download the Automotive Brochure to learn about all the advantages when using our patented Star PowerTM optical system →


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Automotive BrochureWHY SILICONE OPTICS? Trifold
Vue Sales Sheet
NV Series Brochure
VSS Brochure