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  • NV-1-PKL BUG Ratings

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  • NV-1-PKL Wattage

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    NV-1-PKL Lumens

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  • The NV-1 Pickleball is a Great Value Outdoor Lighting Solution
    • NV has been installed in hundreds of lighting projects across the
    • NV has a sleek design that compliments country club or private court
    • NV can be ordered with a pre-mounted architectural sweep arm at no
    extra cost that extends the fixture on to the court 18 inches
    • NV can adapt to any existing fixture arm, cross arm, or pole

    • NV is completely designed, tooled, extruded, cast, fabricated, powder
    coated, and assembled in the United States meeting the strictest Made in the USA requirements
    • NV optical system is silicon and will never yellow. Silicon optical
    system does not require different gasket that could fail
    • NV LED light source is concealed and hidden from sight from
    neighbors, the environment, and dark sky
    • NLS manufactures complimentary poles and arms with the same
    exact paint finish and texture
    • NV features drivers from Advance (Best in Industry in terms of
    longevity, surge protection, and voltage drop
    • Readily available in 480 volt

    • NV depreciation rate is more than 3x slower than most import fixtures

    • In House photometric design Pickleball expertise available at no
    • NV-1 is Competitively Priced

    • NV-1 Generally can ship in two weeks or less


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