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  • Height Above Grade
    10’ – 24’

    Pole Shaft
    Round straight aluminum 6061 alloy, extruded pole shaft. Heat treated to produce a T6 temper. Ground lug welded inside hand hole opposite side of the Pole Extrusion. 

    Direct Burial poles can be ordered with optional coupling (specify height), optional hand hole (specify height), or optional Slot for conduit ingress and egress (specify height). When poles are ordered with a three-way combination of Coupling, Hand Hole and Ground Lug, then the Ground Lug is positioned at 90 degrees to the Hand Hole and the Coupling is opposite the Hand Hole. When the pole is ordered with Hand Hole only, the Ground Lug is at 180 to the Hand Hole.

    Base Cover
    All base covers are fabricated two-piece 6063 aluminum and powder coated to match the pole. Square base cover comes standard, Round base cover optional.

    A reinforced hand-hole is 12” on center from the base plate and is constructed of 3“x 5” rectangular aluminum tubing which is welded to pole shaft for added strength. The hand-hole covers are provided with internal bridge support and powder coated to match pole finish.

    Pole Cap
    All poles come with removable polymer pole cap installed.  All pole caps are black finish.

    All poles are treated with sand blast media for a near white finish, power blasted with 100 psi prior to powder coat application. Poles are pre-heated then electrostatically applied polyester powder coat with a 3 to 5 mil thickness for maximum adherence.  

    Marine Grade Finish
    All poles are washed through a 5-stage cleaning system with a deionized rinse, a 3 to 5 mils zinc rich durable polyester primer powder coat, followed by a 3 to 5 mils super durable polyester powder coat finish.

    Anodized Under Powder
    Anodized Under Powder (AUP) poles are dipped in a 3 step process for a clear anodized finish inside and outside of the pole. The final stage is electrostatically applied polyester powder coat with a 3 to 5 mil thickness for maximum adherence. 

    Vibration Dampener
    The Vibration Dampener is factory installed. The Vibration Dampener consists of a rugged galvanized chain coated with heavy duty polyester tubing that is factory secured at the bottom 2-3rds of the pole and field secured by contractor at the base during installation.

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