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THE BEST for Professional, Competitive + Recreational Tennis Courts!

Other LED companies talk about their high lumen packages. The total number of lumens coming out of a fixture are meaningless when it comes to tennis. It’s where the lumens go that counts. The patented Star PowerTM optical system takes into account the dimensions of a 120 x 60 typical court and makes sure that the lumens go in the right places and are responsible for their own zone while providing beautiful light levels across at 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet and higher.

Download the Vue Tennis Brochure to learn about all the advantages when using our patent pending Star Power optical system for professional, competitive and recreational tennis courts →

“The other area NLS far outshines the other fixtures is the uniformity of the light. Because of the superior optics of the VUE, the Max:Min ratios far exceeded the other manufacturers.”

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“They put new lights on court #6 at the Community Center and they are great! If the city gets enough phone calls from players liking them, they will update the lights on all the courts. Thank you”

— Adam Burt | Hermosa Beach, California
[Download Testimonial]



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Vue Tennis Brochure
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