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Thirty Year Solution

• Designed for long term municipal infrastructure projects

• VUE has a depreciation rate (L70) rating of 360,000 hours

• Less than half a percent per year

Factory Rotated, Tilted and Wired Cross Arm Assemblies

• Fast accurate installation with pre-aimed, pre-wired Cross Arm assemblies 

• Cross Arms have pre-designated alignment to attach to top of pole 

• Cross Arms are pre-configured for precise matching of photometric design 

• Quick connectors are used throughout the system for fast installation 

• Easy to comprehend installation instructions provided with every SLS system

• No exposed fixture or crossarm wires to insure installation safety

Patented Optical System

• SLS optical system features a patented soft athlete friendly high wattage low glare linear diffused optic, providing a wide distribution and uniform lighting from every fixture

• SLS optical system significantly reduces disability glare specifically for fifty to eighty feet mounting heights compared to competition

SLS-Connect Link – Sports Lighting Cabinet with Controls 

• All Remote Cabinets are pre-configured for every specific location 

• Plug and Lock IP67 connectors make a secure connection between the cabinet and crossarm connector box