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The Vue Sports has a very low profile and weighs less than 60 pounds and is safe for retrofit. NLS also provides a remote driver and control system mounted at approximately 12 feet above grade for easy future driver maintenance and installation.
Vue has an amazing L70 life rating of 96,000 hours, which means the depreciation rate is less than half a percent per year. Some of our competitors have a Life Rating of only 35,000 hours which is double to triple the VUE’s rate of depreciation. The maximum Drive Current of the VUE is only 1050 Milliamps and provides long life, making the LEDs have less surface brightness when a player or spectator happens to inadvertently look up at the fixture during play.

Download your copy of the Vue Sports Brochure to learn about all the advantages when using our patented Star PowerTM optical system for all types of ball field application standards.



Click image to download a copy.
Vue Sports Brochure
Vue Sales Sheet