• Vertical Retrofit | Manhattan Beach, CA

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    LED 2 Retrofit




  • VRET IES Files

    Fixture-Size Type LEDs Milliamps Kelvin Lumens Watts IES File
    VRET T5 16L 53 40K 3,016 28
    VRET T5 16L 53 50K 3,094 28
    VRET T5 16L 7 40K 3,434 36
    VRET T5 16L 7 50K 3,536 36
    VRET T5 32L 53 40K 5,883 54
    VRET T5 32L 53 50K 5,989 54
    VRET T5 32L 7 40K 6,664 71
    VRET T5 32L 7 50K 6,868 71
    VRET T5 48L 53 40K 8,560 80
    VRET T5 48L 53 50K 5,720 80
    VRET T5 48L 7 40K 9,690 104
    VRET T5 48L 7 50K 9,996 104
    VRET T5 64L 53 40K 11,227 102
    VRET T5 64L 53 50K 11,433 102
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  • VRET Wattage

    Milliamps 16L 32L 48L 64L
    530 mA 28w 54w 80w 102w
    700 mA 36w 71w 104w 136w
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    VRET Lumens

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  • The Star Power Reflector is the best Value LED optical system and utilizes the same mathematical patterns exhibited by millions of stars every night to distribute light to the intended target. Our goal is to create the highest amount of visual acuity and clarity with the least amount of required energy. This is Star Power. This is NLS Lighting.



  • – Flexible Optics! Internal House Side Shields can be adjusted to desired degree angle to achieve concentrated light distribution at any distance.
    – Ideal for sidewalks. The optic allows a cut off at the base of the store fronts or restaurants as not to impede on the windows while at the same time lighting the pathway or street.
    – Throws up to five mounting heights on the street side, providing a long range.
    – Light source does not appear as a hot area. The light is evenly dispersed, creating a full bright glow in lantern.
    – 105 lumens per watt output
    – Save in material and energy cost by upgrading your existing installation to LED.
    – Conforms to the strictest Made in America standards. Designed, tooled, fabricated and assembled in the USA.


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