NLS Lighting’s forte is manufacturing LED fixtures which have recessed and hidden optics located two to three inches above the bottom plane of the fixture housing. NLS patent pending STAR POWER Optical System virtually eliminates light pollution and neighborhood glare while enhancing its intended lighting task. Whether the intent of the lighting application is security lighting, selling cars, or illuminating sports it is always best to have a hidden light source that cannot be seen directly by customers, athletes, or neighbors. LESS GLARE, MORE FOOTCANDLES!

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•  Patent pending Reflector System
•  Creates the highest amount of visual clarity at the lowest wattage and materials possible
•  At lower mounting heights, the SPR is able to achieve IES minimum light levels than current technology; more neighborly and less expensive
•  Utilizes highest grade optical material in terms of reflectance and lifetime to strategize the perfect light transition + uniformity
•  Fully customizable optical distributions
•  Wired and Wireless control solutions
•  Up to 60,000 lumens
•  Over 120,000 calculated lifetime hours


Our spec locker is that we recess and hide the optics 2-3 inches above the bottom plane of the fixture eliminating glare for car shoppers, tennis players, street lights, ball field lights, hotel lights and more. We don’t believe anybody should see the light source from any distance.

Other companies have their optics at the bottom plane of their fixture housing or below. Their optics hang down like giant illuminated teeth that are visible for hundreds of yards away anywhere below the mounting height of the fixture.

NLS outperforms competitors with uniformity, less glare + more footcandles.




Five optical types to fit every application. See below the LEFT, RIGHT, FORWARD, ALL-AROUND throw combinations and rotatable options.


Our optical system complies with ASBA uniformity requirements beyond the baseline and beyond the service lines. Great foot candles—10 feet and higher!

We got you covered in both vertical and horizontal lumens.  Other companies tilt their fixtures in order to get the proper light levels in the right places. The patent pending STAR POWER optical system requires no tilting and as such is glare-free, Dark-Sky, and neighborhood friendly. We are committed to the International Dark Sky Association and have even named our optical system the STAR POWER system because we believe that artificial lighting should not impede a beautiful dark sky in which thousands of stars should be able to be seen and enjoyed by all.

Take a look at the “RECOMMENDED ILLUMINATION FOR OUTDOOR TENNIS FACILITIES” standards—Click image for a closer view.


Our STAR POWER optical system is easy to install into existing projects. Save in time, energy, and money by using the LED RETROFIT systems to upgrade in light performance.
A horizontal LED Retrofit is featured in the Guardian LED, the L2RETS (Square).
Our retrofits are a collaborative design of “Light Economic” principles by NLS in which intelligent lighting design is combined with a unique patented LED optical system specifically designed to retrofit existing site lighting (horizontal) and decorative pedestrian (vertical) luminaires. This solution is ideal for campuses, municipalities and retail applications. In reality, a smart solution for an immediate upgrade!

Learn more about our LED Retrofit system offerings by downloading the brochure >>  LED 2 RETROFIT SALES SHEET


•  Lightweight LED Light Engine Chassis is specifically designed for easy, safe and fast installation 105 lumens per watt output
•  Has an end of Life modular efficient chip upgrade solution that takes less than a minute to complete
•  A perfect long life solution for any municipality, campus or infrastructure project because of its efficient end-of-life solution and economical pricing

The Savannah lantern features VRET, ideal for pathways. The optic allows a cut off at the base of the store fronts as not to impede on the windows while at the same time lighting the walkway or street.