• MOS
  • – Mosaic Series lantern comes in Sizes 1 (MOS-1) and 2 (MOS-2)
    – Slim Dimensions: (Size 1) 10″ Wide X 19″ Tall; (Size 2) 12″ Wide X 22″ Tall
    – Tile Patterns: Web-Tile, A-Tile, H-Tile, M-Tile, Y-Tile and Custom Tile available (Consult Factory).
    – Optional Top Shade (TS)
    – Blends traditional design with modern LED technology
    – Top Flat Clear Lens is standard. Opal Side Lens (OSL), Frosted Side Lens (FSL) and Amber Lens (AMB) are optional
    – Silicone Micro Optics which produce 96% clarity and are rated up to 200° C (50% higher than acrylic)
    – Philips Advance 0-10V Dimming Driver technology warranted 5 years—best voltage variance resistance in our industry.
    – Conforms to the strictest Made in America standards designed, tooled, fabricated and assembled in the USA

  • Introducing the new optical solution to enhance light performance. NLS’ optical systems combined with custom in-house photometric design capabilites, will provide the best optical solution for any application at the lowest cost with the least amount of energy and maintenance.
    – Industry changing optical properties
    – Silicone optic withstands the harshest of weather and dirt conditions
    – Exceptional thermal and UV resistance
    – Rated up to 200°C, whereas acrylic is rated up to 85°C
    – No cracking, yellowing or getting brittle
    – Vandal resistant, no fading or chalking
    – Proven and warranted solution

Intelligent Light + Performance