• – Heat resistant internal wall protection—separates the lamp and ballast so capacitor and transformer life is not diminished
    – Dimension Size 1: 30″x 6.9″x16.54″ at a weight of 65 lbs.
    – Mounting options include Tennis Arm, Davit Arm, Cross Arm, Knuckle Mount and Mast Arm
    – Light Distribution: Type Tennis (TT)
    – Has an optical system designed for tennis court spacing (8 heads at 1000W each produces over a 100-foot candle average on the playing surface)
    – Form, optics and thermal management contribute to reducing energy costs while utilizing the least amount of poles and fixtures per project at a competitive price Patent-pending Star Power reflector system enables performance to exceed IES minimum foot candle levels and extend maintenance cycles
    – Pulse Start lamp technology with standard warranty
    – Conforms to the strictest Made in America standards designed, tooled, fabricated and assembled in the USA

  • The Star Power Reflector is the best Value LED optical system and utilizes the same mathematical patterns exhibited by millions of stars every night to distribute light to the intended target. Our goal is to create the highest amount of visual acuity and clarity with the least amount of required energy. This is Star Power. This is NLS Lighting.



Intelligent Light + Performance