• AA11 Single
  • AA11 Double 180
  • AA11 Cast Wall Plate
  • AA11 Cast Wall Plate (Side View)
  • AA11 Cast Wall Plate (Front View)
  • AA11 Wall Plate Bracket (Side View)
AA11 Single1 AA11 Double 1802 AA11 Cast Wall Plate3 AA11 Cast Wall Plate (Side View)4 AA11 Cast Wall Plate (Front View)5 AA11 Wall Plate Bracket (Side View)6
  • Architectural Arm 11 is constructed of extruded aluminum tubing and available for both post top and pendant mount luminaires. Integrates with poles or tenons of 3-1/2″, 4”, 4-1/2″, or 5″ OD and is secured with 3/8” stainless steel Allen set screws. Contact NLS for custom configuration or other mounting options. Designed, tooled, fabricated and assembled in the USA.

  • All dimensions are in inches.


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